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-- Main profile --

Name: Miku Gray
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Species: Human

-- The look --

Skin: light-yellow (it is seen as white with yellow shadows)
Hair color: Silver (it is seen as white)
Hair style: Medium hair, wavy
Eyes colour: Blu Marina (or whatever is spelled)

-- Likes ---

Favourite friends: Kelly
Favourite show: Any Vocaloid-related shows.
Favourite food: Carrot
Favourite book: Don't talk with any type of boys
Favourite moment: When she known she can do everything quick

-- Dislikes --

The hated pepole: Kisaki, TUG (The Unknown Girl).
The hated music: Numa Numa
The hated moment: When she forces Astrid to go at Active School and then, she was tired from the energy wasted by forcing Astrid.

-- Another informations --

Active Name: The Star Active Girl
Personality: Happy, angry (the most)

-- Descreption --

Miku is Astrid's old sister. She forces always her younger sister to go at the Active School, but Astrid doesn't want to do this. When Miku's not suceed, she says to Astrid: "Ok, if you don't wanna go at school, you won't be an Active girl for the rest of your life!". She isn't lazy as Astrid. She does sport every day.
This is a new TCOTAG character.

Miku/TCOTAG (c) me
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September 19, 2009
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